The Nature and Sacrifice of Christ Question
Bro. Richard Purcell

March, 1972


During the past one hundred years several divisions have taken place in the Christadelphian body. Some divisions have been because of personal conflicts, others have been over doctrinal maters. It is always a shame to see diligent students of the Bible lose the help that can come by mutual understanding and consideration of each other’s thoughts. Two heads are better than one, but it seems that communication separates men when they need to help one another. This is the problem at hand. Men by nature do not want to take the time to understand each other. They prefer to pick at certain words and not consider the thought that is behind them. They do not put forth the effort to truly communicate. It is easier to "shut each other off" than to attempt to understand what is meant. It has been said that "the hardest thing to open is a close mind" and surely we must all agree.

As time has progressed, the gap between Christadelphians has grown wider. The conflict has been perpetuated by heresy and rumors of what "they" believe. Currently there are efforts being made to unite the Unamended and the Amended factions of the Christadelphian body. The union would have been easier fifty years ago than it is now. The reason it is now more difficult than then, is because the doctrines of contention are more profound. The doctrines that brought about the division have grown to be more extensive and devastating. New concepts have been added to support the already weak platform of belief. The following is published to stimulate thinking among those who are knowledgeable of God’s word, and care about the state of the household at the return of the Master from heaven.

Please read with an open mind, not jumping to conclusions, ever mindful of the love with which it is written. The household certainly needs your help and prayers to overcome the problems with which it is burdened.


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